Thursday, 31 May 2012

And Here Comes The New Tech Wonder

Hello folks, hope you are doing great. 

 It's so much much fun to be surrounded by technology all over you but as the time passes, it gets a little boring. We begin to carve for new products and new technology the moment we feel we have had enough of our present gadgets. I guess people are getting bored of their iphones and ipads and androids and laptops. They are hungry for  something new, something different and there is a big race going on between all the major tech companies to release a new product which will garner attention of the people and become the new buzz in town.

Google seems to be leading the race at the moment with the news of it's hush-hush project - Google Glasses being available to public in the coming years. A video uploaded on YouTube titled 'PROJECT GLASS' is creating a buzz online.

People have started fancying themselves with these glasses and the way it could change their lives. However the video also drew a lot of criticism because people fear products like these will make them more lazy and 'unsocial' . 
Whatever the future is but one thing is for sure, every company is trying it's level best to have a good hold of the tech market by luring customers with their 

innovative products.
              Enjoy the video :) .

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