Thursday, 14 June 2012

The new tech toy : Sony's Smart Watch

Next time you look at your watch, you might be looking at a Tweet.

Sony has announced it's new smart watch simply called , Sony's Smart Watch - Touch your world.

                                           Sony SmartWatch to launch by June-end for Rs 6,299

A little history :
This is not the first time Sony has launched a watch accessory for their phones. If you recall, way back when the Sony Ericsson T610 was all the rage, the company had the MBW-100 Bluetooth watch.

This Smart watch does all that useful stuff that would want it to do. You get your dose of tweets and Facebook updates displayed on it, weather reports, emails,calendars and it also runs a range of other android apps..
What's funny though is that this 'Smart Watch' doesn't doesn't tell you time unless you tap on it's screen once.
Tapping again invites a range of Android campatible apps on this little wonder.
It also connects to your cell via bluetooth(3.0) thus enabling you to accept or reject a call via it.
The watch is compatible with other Android phones as well, so you don’t have to own a Sony branded phone to use it. 

Battery : Not much about the battery life has been revealed by Sony. But I presume it should last for about half a week for moderate use.

Design :  It boasts of a multitouch colour OLED diplay. It measures 36x36 mm and weighs just 15.5 grams (without the wrist band).

Price :  The Smart watch should cost you Rs.6,299 in India and it costs $149.99 in the U.S.

Verdict :  The overall product is good and is available in different color bands. However if Sony manages to incorporate a personal assistant like Siri into the Smart Watch then it certainly will create waves in the tech world.
 So if you think Smart Watch simplifies your life without compromising on connectivity, then go grab it  .

Enjoy the video :)

Thank you.

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