Sunday, 14 August 2016

Ather Energy- The Poster Boy of India's Electric Vehicle Start-up Scene

The relentless honking of vehicles, a snail-paced traffic, and the merciless emissions from the exhaust of vehicles, all were in perfect mix to drive me mad whilst I rode along the Victoria Road in Bangalore on a Thursday noon.

After an hour of snaking around the bustling traffic, I successfully managed to reach the premises of Ather Energy, one of the most promising Indian Startups.
The usual security checks were followed by declaring the purpose of visit at the Reception Desk. I was offered to be seated while a concerned person from Ather Energy would come and assist me.

Making the best use of my time, I looked all over the place as hurriedly as I could. Yes, the office space boasted spunky interiors, contemporary work stations and a young workforce holding aloft the energy of this place. There were some inspiring quotes too, which adorned the spunky office walls.

I first came across Ather Energy when they were covered by the Times of India relating the unveiling of their electric bike, the S340 at the Surge Conference 2016 held in Bangalore.

As I read across the newspaper report, I was pretty much intrigued by the marvels of S340 and more so for having some real engineering talent behind it. And today, I was lucky enough to see the S340 live, on to my right, in the display arena.

At the first glance, the S340 appears to be a very suave and stylish scooter. This sleek design is generally not what comes into the mind when one thinks about an electric scooter.

                                                                          The S340 

Mr. Maharshi, Manager-Charging Infrastructure, welcomed me and briefed me about the S340 in detail. You can find the specs of S340 here:

The Connected Touchscreen Dashboard Display feature is certainly the highlight of the model S340. Not only shall it be extremely handy in navigating across the city while we ride but its connectivity feature enables analyzing tons of driving details and data in the backend for meaningful User interactions and an improved vehicle performance.

So far, Ather seems to be going in the right direction. The recent feat by winning The Economic Times Startup Award 2016- Best On Campus Startup have certainly lifted the morale of the team and have raised the expectations.

With a vision to develop products and technologies to combat the hazards of pollution, and a buzzing positive synergy at their office, Ather certainly hints towards launching path-breaking products and reaching the unicorn stage at the earliest.
I am all the more excited now and shall be ardently following their next move.


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